Do Not Open This!

Monday, March 8, 2010


Hackers with expertise can view & fix weaknesses in the computer software, usually later in openly published on the Internet for the system to be better. Unfortunately, few people take the evil use that information to crime - they are usually called cracker. Basically the world of hackers & crackers no different from the art world, here we are talking art of Internet network security.

I hope the science in network security is used for writing things that are good - not be a Hacker Cracker. Do not until you get karma for using science to destroy property of others. Moreover, at this time will need hackers in Indonesia increased by more dotcommers who want to IPO in the stock market. Good name & the value of a dotcom could fall even become worthless if the dotcoms in the collapse. In this case, the hacker is expected to be a security consultant for the dotcommers - because human resources of police & security forces Indonesia is very, very weak & pathetic in the field of Information Technology & the Internet. I can not help cybersquad, private cyberpatrol perhaps necessary for survival in Indonesia dotcommers on the Internet.

Various Internet network security techniques can be easily obtained on the Internet, among others in,,, http://,, Some of these techniques in the form of books of his several hundred pages that can be taken free of charge (free). Some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about the network security can be obtained in, And for the experimenter some scripts / programs that have become available, among others in,

For readers who want to gain knowledge about the network and can be downloaded for free from,, . Several books softcopy form that can be taken free of charge can be taken from We have to thank especially the Scout team led by I Made Wiryana for this. At this moment, I do not really know the place Indonesia is an active discussion discuss hacking techniques are - but it may be partly discussed in the mailing list information such as the & operated by Indonesian Linux Users Group (KPLI)

The simplest way to see the weakness of the system is to seek information from various vendors such as the # 3b of the weaknesses of the system they have created yourself. In addition, monitoring the various mailing lists on the Internet relating to network security such as the list # 3e.